7 Easy Steps To Kick Bad Eating Habits To The Curb

Understatement of the year: breaking bad eating habits can be difficult. 

After all, we are creatures of habit. How are we supposed to stop indulging in foods we’ve eaten for months, if not years? 

And what doesn’t help? Expensive food, busy schedules, not seeing changes quickly enough, the list goes on. 

But for some, there comes a time when their doctors, trainers, friends, or family start telling them they have to change their eating habits. While this can be (and we hope it always is) said out of love, it can still be a hard thing to hear. Whether it’s because of the way we look or our health, changing eating habits and finding a fitness routine that works can be difficult and scary.

The Cost Of Unhealthy Eating

It’s no secret that food is expensive. A change in eating habits al