What do you offer in the actual space? 

We offer a culture and environment that is built for you to succeed! From Elite level coaching, nutritional advice, group coaching large and small, kids care/camps, massage therapy, supplementation help/shop/bar, and much more all built around bringing the Elite version of yourself out!

The simplest way is to come by and we would love to give you a tour.

What are the fitness classes offered at Pure Elite Fitness? 

We offer a number of different classes that fit new to advanced members, and from younger to older. We strive to create the best environment for you to reach you goals, so even if you see a class you would like to try all of our coaches have been trained to modify!

Do NOT let fear hinder you from your Elite self!
Some examples of classes we offer are, weights 101, HIIT, Total body conditioning, kick box cardio, booty camp, bodybuilding, powerlifting, come try it all out. 

Our classes are built to grow into more so keep a constant eye out because we are always looking to add more!

Are there any age requirements for the fitness club? 

Yes for the actual gym itself a kid from ages of 14-15 must be accompanied by an adult or coach. Ages 16-17 must have a signed waiver from parent/guardian to use the facility. But, we do offer kids care, and our kids camps.

Is wifi available?

Yes , wifi is available. There will be signs by front check in, and smoothie bar. If you cannot find them just ask a staff member and they would be happy to help.

How do I get a free trial? 

Our free trails are a little different. Our culture is created for you to reach those goals you have always dreamed of. We intend to hold that promise to our fullest. That being said we take applications for free trials to apply to become a member or athlete(client) you can contact us via email, phone or any social media platforms!

How do I cancel my free trial? 

We only ask one question when quitting anything, we would just like to know what we could have done differently to create a better experience for you.

What should I bring with me to the locker rooms? 

During covid we would highly recommend coming ready to go with your workout so we limit use and keep the environment as clean as possible. 

As well as, we highly recommend you leaving any valuables in your car for safe keeping. 

If not possible we do have lock boxes within each locker.

Are there any rules inside the gym? 

Yes, a major rule we abide by with everything we do if follow our core values. Owners, coaches, to members we all want the best enviorment to help us grow to the Elite version of ourselves. Its a culture and a movement.

Do you accept gift cards? Do you sell gift cards? 

We do sell gift certificates for coaching, memberships and any other amenities we offer.

Do you offer corporate/other kinds of discounts? 

We love networking with companies and help you and your team become the Elite version of themselves!

Stop by the front and ask !