6 Gym Etiquette Tips You Need To Know

New at your fitness center? Set yourself up for success with these six gym etiquette tips designed to create a positive experience right off the bat.

Committing to becoming more active and fit can be a daunting goal for a new gym user.

Besides having to familiarize yourself with the machines and workouts, nine times out of ten there’s also a social aspect to consider. By this, we mean all the different gym users, all on different levels, all with different backgrounds and goals working out in the same area as yourself. Navigating this landscape and finding your place takes effort and intention.

Why is gym etiquette important?

I know that not everyone always plays a role in making newcomers feel welcome. So it’s perfectly understandable that this can sometimes trigger a little social anxiety. While there’s nothing you can do about innately unwelcoming people, you can be intentional with the first impression they form of you.

Just like at a new job, there is a process of familiarizing yourself with the gym’s environment and culture. And just like at that new job, there are certain unwritten rules of engagement and etiquette that others expect you to abide by at the fitness center.